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What you need to take with you on your Yacht Rental holiday

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As you pack for your luxury vacation, remember that a private yacht charter is very different from a resort or cruise vacation. This may affect your normal packing routine. Packing for a luxury yacht charter may require some restraint, as there is limited space for luggage on board.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you pack the essentials;


First of all, it's important to remember that there is usually limited storage space on a luxury yacht, so make sure you take soft side luggage that folds up easily. Pack light and take with you, for example, gym bags that you can easily lift. Hard suitcases are difficult to store and can even scratch and damage paint and woodwork.


Light summer clothing, including swimsuits, light t-shirts, skirts and shorts should be expected on a luxury yacht. Consider the climate of your chosen destination; If you are heading towards the sun, sea and sand, do not forget to take cool clothes with you. Consider packing light trousers, collared shirts and summer dresses if you plan to dine on land, as most restaurants will expect customers to adhere to a "smart casual" dress code. If you're thinking of going out on the water or spinning around on a Jet Ski, pack a few old t-shirts to protect your skin from the sun.


Most yachts will require guests to follow the "bare feet" rule while on board. Tennis shoes and a good pair of white rubber-soled sandals should be ideal when walking around the deck; but stiletto heels can damage teak flooring, and black-soled shoes can leave unsightly scuff marks, making them a definite no-no. Land shoes are fine for going ashore, but remember to take them off once you step back on board.


Sunglasses, a hat and a high factor sun screen are absolutely essential when exposed to the sun, especially if you want to soak up the sun for the best part of the afternoon. A good book or two, a personal music player such as an iPod, and of course a camera are also essentials.


  • Leave your valuables at home, especially those that are not waterproof.

  • Pack light, you may end up wearing half of the clothes you packed.

  • Leave room for souvenirs or pack an extra foldable bag for items you purchase while you're away.

  • It's not uncommon for the wind to take your hat and you'll need to pack more than one hat.

  • Pack essentials like camera batteries; These can be difficult to find in non-touristy areas.

Do not forget...

  • A waterproof, durable camera case.

  • Travel documents and charter contracts.

  • Passport and Visa documents.

  • Prescriptions or seasickness medications (if available).

  • If you prefer to use your own scuba/snorkel equipment.

  • A hat.

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